Try something different & make new friends, whilst getting some exercise & learning a few more skills! The PORT ALFRED CROQUET CLUB will be happy to teach you the game of Croquet!   Social playing days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays afternoons. Coaching of beginners is free & takes place on Wednesday mornings. There are no specific dress regulations, except that one must wear fairly smooth flat soled shoes. For further information, contact Janet Thatcher on 046 604 0489. At present we only play the shorter & more social game ~ Golf Croquet. Unfortunately due to dwindling numbers & interest, the more classic & longer game, Association Croquet, seems to be dying out. However, there are still members who play that version & are more than willing to teach anyone wanting to learn it. They usually arrange games on Friday afternoons.

Croquet was first played ‘as a club’ on the old Hospital grounds & officially became part of the Port Alfred Bowling Club in April 1989. We started up a club in East London on the East Bank at St Andrews in 2002. We have hosted 2 SA Masters Croquet Tournaments & 2 SA National Croquet Championships. We have several qualified National Golf Croquet Referees, some of whom have officiated at both World Golf Croquet Tournaments held in South Africa & have even had a couple of our members playing in International Golf Croquet Tournaments overseas!

Our Club is a very social & active Club, so if you are looking for some different fun & exercise, we’d love to meet & teach you our game! No need to buy your own mallet, as we have plenty for you to borrow! For further info please phone Phyl Russell on 046 624 5541/0798727801 or Mercia Kruger 046 624 2639 /0843103282.