Treetop Tented Forest Camp and Retreat

Treetop Tented Camp – a forest retreat Hike through the forest along the river bank to discover a tree house in remote wilderness high up in a tall tree in the valley. Relax in a hammock on the deck, at eye-level with the forest birds.  Only for the truly adventurous – Treetop doesn’t have the amenities (plumbed bathroom/electricity/cell phone reception) that you would find in town – it is suitable only for adventurous ‘outdoor’ people who are happy to live a few days without such things and who love hiking, camping, and living out in nature!  An ideal base for trail runners, hikers and bikers. Packages to include horse riding, hiking and catering are available. Sleeps 6 in 4 cosy bunks plus 2 extra mattresses. No children under 7. Must have transport that can negotiate a steep, rocky farm track.   Contact details -Jann 0826456345 14km from Port Alfred towards East London  link to website –