Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town – a paid for weekly local newspaper, and on-line paper covering the Sunshine Coast, based in Port Alfred. Talk of the Town is the only community newspaper in the area, covering all towns and villages from Nanaga in the West to Fish River in the East and inland to Grahamstown. Tott will have been in existence for 19 years in 2015. Acquired by Johncom, now Times Media, in 2005. Talk of the Town covers a range of topics, from crime and court cases to dramatic sea rescues. In the interests of serving our community fearlessly and without favour, we don’t shy away from reporting on local controversies. We also seek out positive and upbeat news and cover schools, the cultural scene, and profile interesting people. The paper has a diverse range of columnists and contributing writers and keep readers up to date with regular sporting events like golf, canoeing, surfing bowls and running. Follow us on Fecebook.