sereneIT is an IT company established in 2015 by Dominicue Averbuch. Dom and his team have over two decades of experience and expertise in all aspects of Information Technology, IT networking systems, support and products.

sereneIT was established with a vision of providing every client with excellent service, punctuality and a complete solution in terms of IT support.

sereneIT provides all aspects of IT support, from basic to advanced levels of hardware and software support, networking, security, wireless and product sales.

With the assistance of highly experienced manpower, we offer bespoke IT solutions. Our customer-conscience focus ensures that only top quality, cost effective products, service and solutions are implemented. We pride ourselves in offering clients a complete solution in terms of IT support because our knowledge and experience allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions.

We believe in looking at the bigger picture, not only solving the problem but providing a preventative management solution. At sereneIT we understand that if your network is down, then your business is down and we will deal with this promptly and efficiently.

We believe in supplying our customers with the highest quality projects that work functionally and financially thereby reducing comebacks and ensuring effectiveness. Customer satisfaction is not only our goal, but is guaranteed.