Richmond House Museum

Possibly a ‘daub ‘n wattle’ cottage to start with, the original house was built in 1840 and has undergone many changes and additions over the years as a private residence. William Cock, probably influenced by the crenellated buildings at Hope Farm and Selwyn Castle in Grahamstown, added decorative crenellations to his 6-roomed home, giving rise to the name Cock’s Castle.  As the manor house of Port Kowie at the time, colonial dignitaries and visiting Governors were entertained at Richmond House.   In 1999 the property was remodelled and the main house rebuilt. It offers self-catering cottages, a concert venue and a dedicated private museum, where salvaged artefacts from The Castle, and the history of the owners and alterations, are displayed. Richmond House Museum is a private museum established in the grounds of Richmond House. The museum building is a 1948 replica of the original Castle and traces 175 years of owners and alterations.   The collection includes informative panels, original fireplaces, light fittings, millstone, 2 nautical cannons, flagstaff, an original Union Jack, photographs, paintings, letters and documents as well as the Cock family tree.  To view: Saturdays 10-12:00 in December, otherwise by appointment 082 4567 437