We are committed to the promotion of local products.

Membership to Sunshine Coast Tourism and Port Alfred Business Forum ensures:

Full membership to Tourism + Business Forum
Display your brochures in our offices
Full listing on our website
Free access to our social media platforms
Promotion / assistance with all events
Pursue funding for tourism projects
Co-operative marketing with ECape products  
Our offices are information centres for public and visiting tourists
Affiliate membership of Kenton/Bushmans Tourism and Chamber of Business
We recommend your business / services
Any special offers sent to our entire database
Affiliate membership of P.E. B+B Association
Invitations to all our networking events
Updates on any infrastructural issues that may affect your business
Updates on any disaster management issues
Updates on any special offers / business assistance packages available
Updates on outcomes of all representations  
Municipal Platforms
Trade Shows
Consumer Shows
Provincial, District and National Tourism platforms
SA Business Council platforms
Provincial business platforms

How does it work and what would be required from you?

An annual subscription fee R700 p.a. (January – December 2023)

Add links to all your social media / online platforms- R350 p.a.

(Total R1050 per annum).

Please join our team – together we can make a difference    Application form attached: